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Hans Burkhardt †( Founding Editor), Johanna Seibt, Guido Imaguire, Stamatios Gerogiorgakis ( Editors )

Handbook of Mereology

ISBN: 978-3-88405-090-3

Price: €248.00 (including 7 % tax)

Series: Analytica 
Munich: 2017, 629 pp.,
131 Contributions,
Bibliographical remarks,
References and further readings,
Index 629 pp. Library Binding
ISBN 978-3- 88405-090- 3 Print
The present volume is the first comprehensive reference work for research on part-whole relations.
The contributions collected here bring into view the fundamental significance of me-reology in the wide sense of the term –not only for logic or ontology, but also for philosophy of biology, chemistry, and quantum physics; for a philosophy of nature that can acco-mmodate chaos and emergence; for philosophy of art, for ethics; and for philosophy of cognition. The domain-specific investigations of part- whole relations included here may also provide useful heuristics for researchers in various scientific disciplines (e.g., cognitive science, psychology, biology, or chemistry).

The volume contains entries that explain and explore the meta-mathematical interest of formal mereology and its use for the development of nominalist descriptions of the domain of mathematical science. Other con-tributions convey the richness and complexity of our reasoning about part-whole relations, how they are linguistically encoded, and where common sense reasonining challenges the classical formalizations of part-whole rela-tionships that have informed ontological research until now. The Handbook also draws attention to the historical dimension of me-reology, including the lesser known con-tributions from the medieval period and the phe-nomenological tradition..

The Handbook’s entries are written by internationally renowned specialists but with an interdisciplinary readership in view. Most of the entries not only report the state of the art but present new original research published here for the first time.
The Editors

Hans Burkhardt
(Prof. Dr. med. Dr. phil. habil.( † 02.05.15) was specialized in the History of Logic, in Ontology, Modal Logic, the Philosophy of the 17. Century, present analytical Philosophy, Philosophy of Biology and Medicine. Philosophers: Aristoteles, Thomas Aquinas, Leibniz, Bolzano, Brentano and his school, Meinong, Husserl.
Johanna Seibt
(Prof. Dr.) Specializes in analytical ontology, the history of ontology and metaphysics. After teaching at Texas/Austin she took up a position at Uni. Aarhus, where she currently holds a special chair in philosophy of robotics and applied process ontology.  She specializes in analytical ontology, the history of ontology and metaphysics, and philosophy of technology. 

Guido Imaguire
(PhD) is Professor of Philosophy and Logic of the Philosophy Department at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He specializes in the Philosophy of Mathematics, Philosophy of Language and Metaphysics. 

Stamatios Gerogiorgakis
(PhD. Dr. Phil. habil) His work ranges from the history of logic to the philosophy of religion and from metaphysics to semantical paradoxes. 
The Contributors and their Contributions
Albertazzi, Liliana
Department of Humanities, University of Trento
Perceptual Whole

Andrae, Benjamin
Munich School of Philosophy,Ludwig-Maximilians University
Whitehead’s Metaphysics

Arlig, Andrew
Department of Philosophy, Brooklyn College, CUNY
Abelard, Boethius, Medieval Mereology

Bäck, Allan
Department of Philosophy, Kutztown University
Aristotle’s Theory of Parts, Reduplication, Syllogism

Beck, Hans
Institute for Physics, University of Neuchâtel

Boucher, Pol
Institut de l’Ouest: Droit et Europe, University of Rennes

Bränmark, Johan
Department of Global Political Studies, Malmö University
Ethics, The , Good Life

Bromand, Joachim
Institute of Philosophy, University of Bonn/Institute
of Philosophy, RWTH Aachen University

Burkhardt, Hans
Department of Philosophy, Ludwig-Maximilians University at Munich
Albert of Saxony, Medicine, Mereological Triangle
(with Stamatios Gerogiorgakis),
Radulphus Brito, Raimundus Lullus and Lullism, Scherzer
(with Stamatios Gerogiorgakis)

Cameron, Ross P.
Department of Philosophy, University of Virginia
Mereological Essentialism

Cohnitz, Daniel
Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Utrecht University
Goodman, Nelson (with Marcus Rossberg),
Structure of Appearance, Goodman’s (with Marcus Rossberg)

Correia, Fabrice
Department of Philosophy, University of Geneva
Ontological Dependence

Cosans, Christopher
Department of Philosophy, University of Marylands

Cotnoir, A. J.
Department of Philosophy, University of St Andrews
Non-Wellfounded Mereology

Donelly, Maureen
Department of Philosophy, University at Buffalo

Eberle, Rolf
Faculty of Philosophy, University of Rochester

Enfield, Nicholas J.
Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen
Body(with Asifa Majid) 

Forrest, Peter
School of Humanities, University of New England
in Armidale, NSW, Australia
Theoretical Mereology 

Gerogiorgakis, Stamatios
Philosophy Department, University of Erfurt
Medieval Discussions of Temporal Parts and Wholes, Mereological Triangle
(with Hans Burkhardt),
Privation, Scherzer (with Hans Burkhardt),
Individualism and Holism (Collectivism) in the Study of Society,
Thomas Aquinas 

Hammond, Michael
Department of Linguistics, University of Arizona

Harte, Verity
Department of Philosophy, Yale University

Hawley, Katherine
Department of Philosophy, University of St Andrews
Fusion, Temporal Parts 

Hellman, Geoffrey
Department of Philosophy, University of Minnesota
Philosophy of Mathematics 

Herre, Heinrich
Institute for Informatics, University of Leipzig
Boolean Algebras 

Herstein, Gary
Independent Scholar

Hochberg, Herbert
Department of Philosophy, University of Texas at Austin
Logical Atomism, Facts, Segelberg, Tropes

Huebner, Johannes
Department of Philosophy, Martin-Luther University at Halle-Wittenberg
Act, Action 

Imaguire, Guido
Department of Philosophy, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Frege, Nominalism, Propositions, Russell 

Jacquette, Dale
Philosophy Institute, University of Bern
Fractals, Tarski 

Jansen, Ludger
Institute of Philosophy, University of Rostock
Collectives and Compounds, Disposition,
Substance, Substrate 

Johansson, Ingvar
Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies, Umeå University
Natural Science 

Kaiser, Marie I.
Philosophy Department, University of Bielefeld
Biological Parts 

Kanzian, Christian
Department of Philosophy, Theological Faculty of the University Innsbruck

Koons, Robert
Department of Philosophy, University of Texas at Austin

Koptjevskaja-Tamm, Maria
Department of Linguistics, Stockholm University
Possession and Partitives

Koslicki, Kathrin
Department of Philosophy, University of Alberta

Krause, Décio
Department of Philosophy, Federal University of Santa Catarina
Quantum Mereology 

Krecz, Charles A.
Department of Philosophy, University of Texas at Austin

Leonard, Henry S., Sr.
Philosophy Department, Michigan State University
Comments on “Calculus of Individuals and Its Uses”
(prefaced by Henry S. Leonard, Jr.) 

Lowe, Jonathan E.
Department of Philosophy, Durham University

Majid, Asifa
Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen
Body (with Nicholas Enfield) 

McGivern, Patrick
Department of Philosophy, University of Wollongong
Dynamical Systems (with Alex Rueger)

McGregor, William B.
Linguistics, Cognitive Science and Semiotics,
School of Communication and Culture, Aarhus University

Meixner, Uwe
Institute of Philosophy, University of Augsburg
Abstract, Axiomatic Method, Universal 

Michael, Emily
Department of Philosophy, City University of New York
Medieval Atomism 

Miller, Kristie
Department of Philosophy, University of Sydney
Holes, Actual World 

Mittmann, Rainer
Independent Scholar

Moravcsik, Edith
Department of Linguistics, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Mormann, Thomas
Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science, University of the Basque Country
Carnap, Points, Topology 

Müller, Thomas
Department of Philosophy, University of Konstanz
Deontic modalities 

Mumford, Stephen
Department of Philosophy, Durham University/School
of Economics and Business, Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Needham, Paul
Department of Philosophy, Stockholm University
Chemistry, Elements 

Oderberg, David S.
Department of Philosophy, University of Reading

Pietruszczak, Andrzej
Department of Logic, Nicolaus Copernicus University
Metamathematics of Mereology 

Poli, Roberto
Department of Philosophy, University of Trento
Aristotle’s Theory of Wholes 

Potter, Luke
Department of Philosophy, University of Notre Dame
Material constitution (with Michael Rea) 

Rea, Michael
Department of Philosophy, University of Notre Dame
Material constitution (with Luke Potter)

Reicher, Maria E.
Department of Philosophy, RWTH Aachen University

Rijkhoff, Jan
Department of Linguistics, Aarhus University
Linguistic Structures, Non-literal Language Use and Part-Whole Relations 

Rosiak, Marek
Department of Logic, University of Lodz
Husserl, Ingarden, Twardowski 

Rossberg, Marcus
Philosophy Department, University of Connecticut
Goodman, Nelson (with Daniel Cohnitz),
Structure of Appearance, Goodman’s (with Daniel Cohnitz) 

Rueger, Alex
Faculty of Arts, University of Alberta
Dynamical Systems (with Patrick McGivern) 

Salice, Alessandro
Philosophy Department, University College Cork
Brentano, Intentionality, Mally, Reinach, Stumpf 

Sanford, David H.
Department of Philosophy Duke University
Naïve Mereology, Sum

Schaffer, Jonathan
Department of Philosophy, Rutgers University
Metaphysical Atomism 

Schalley, Andrea C.
Department of Language, Literature and Intercultural Studies, Karlstad University
Common Sense Reasoning About Parts and Wholes 

Schantz, Richard
Department of Philosophy, University of Siegen

Scherb, Jürgen L.
Department of Philosophy, Ludwig-Maximilians University at Munich

Schnieder, Benjamin
Department of Philosophy, University of Hamburg

Seibt, Johanna
Department for Philosophy and the History of Ideas, University Aarhus
Activity, Homeomerous and Automerous, Subject (with Bartłomiej Skowron),

Sedley, David
Christ’s College, University of Cambridge
Atomism in Ancient Greek Philosophy 

Silberstein, Michael
Department of Philosophy, Elizabethtown College Conscious Experience, Quantum

Simons, Peter
Department of Philosophy, Trinity College Dublin
Artifact, Category, Whitehead 

Skowron, Bartłomiej
International Center for Formal Ontology, Faculty of Administration and Social
Sciences, Warsaw University of Technology
Mereotopology, Subject (with Johanna Seibt) 

Stephan, Achim
Institute of Cognitive Science, Osnabrück University

Storm-Henningsen, Peter
Lillebælt Academy, University of Applied Sciences

Thom, Paul
Department of Philosophy, University of Sydney
Parmenides, Stoics 

van Zantwijk, Temilo
Institut of Philosophy, Friedrich-Schiller- University Jena

Tegtmeier, Erwin
Department of Philosophy, University of Mannheim
Bergmann, Continuants and Occurrents, Grossman

von Wachter, Daniel
International Academy of Philosophy in the Principality of Liechte nstein

Woleński, Jan
Department of Social Sciences, University of Information, Technology and
Management at Rzeszow
Leśniewski and Polish mereology 

Woods, John
Department of Philosophy University of British Columbia

Wyllie, Guilherme
Department of Philosophy, Fluminense Federal University
Praedicabilia, Totum potentiale  


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